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Memory limits.

Hi all,

I have a curious problem. I am developing a new site which makes 
extensive use of JavaScript. So much so that I have one frame with 
40K of JavaScript in it. And this is where my problem lies.

When I load the page containing the 40K frame in NT there are no 
problems. When I load the same page in Win 3.11, however, I get 
syntax errors where I know there are none.

It appears that not all of the code is being loaded by Navigator. 
Breaking up the code and placing it in two frames confirmed my 
suspicions. All of the code loaded with no syntax errors. It seems 
that Navigator can only handle a certain amount of code per page. 
I did a word count and it seems to fall over at about 27,000 

Can anyone confirm this for me? Is what I think is happening what 
is really happening? What is the exact limit? How can I change it?  
What is the limit based on? Does it change from platform to 
platform? Is there any other way around it other than using more 

Thanks in advance,

Clayton Drury
New Logic.
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