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Re: document.location problem

Crimie!  Yet another for the "this doesn't work under..." notebook.  FWIW, I
tested the code I sent under Windows 95 and 3.1, and it seems to work there
(though I got a GPF once, however it might have been for other reasons).
One thing you could do: suggest people buy a PC? <bg>

If I have a chance today or tomorrow I'll try this on my Mac.  It's only a
lowlr 040 Performa, though, and not a PPC.  

-- Gordon

At 11:18 AM 3/12/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Thanks for the responses. I double-checked to make sure I had height 
>and width for all the images and I did (haven't been bitten by that 
>particular bug yet) and I tried Gordon's suggestion-and it still 
>crashed. Perhaps I wasn't specific enough about what I was trying to 
>do. What I'm basically trying to do is write a script that will read 
>the last link in a document, and load that link into a frame. Here's 
>my frameset:
><FRAMESET COLS="25%,75%">
>	<FRAME SRC="TOC" NAME="toc">
><FRAMESET ROWS="85%,15%">	
>	<FRAME SRC="coverpage.html" NAME="content">
>	<FRAME SRC="navbar" NAME="navbar">	
>And here's my script (with comments)
>function getNext() {
>	var i=parent.frames[1].document.links.length  
>//return the number of links in the document
>//Trying to set the location of the first frame to the last link in 
>the current document (whose index number is 1 less than the number of 
>links in the document)
>The script works beautifully the very first time I use it (with an 
>onClick event handler) If I try to use it a second time, it crashes 
>Netscape (Mac).  It doesn't matter what document I have loaded into 
>the first frame.  If someone out there can help me I'd be really 
>grateful, because this script would be extremely useful for what I'm 
-- Gordon

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