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Re: animated GIFs

Guys Set The Control on ALL the Images to something above 0/100 .
This works I guarantee. I have them running on my pages and, I have given
this fix to clients running on my machine, it does work. I use Netscape 2.0
in Windows 95 and I set my opotion to verify document everytime.
Please give this a try ,


At 09:29 PM 2/29/96 +0000, you wrote:
>> So then why does my modem light keep on flashing? Is it just 
>> checking something?
>> Gordon Mueller
>> mud@gonzo.wolfenet.com
>Because Netscape connects to the server before checking if it should 
>load it from cache first. Have you ever had a problem with a server 
>for a minute or so and had Netscape respond: the server might be down 
>blah blah blah...Loading previous version from cache.
>What I think is happening is Netscape is checking either the file 
>size or date stamp to decide if it needs to load a new version of 
>the page. I don't know if there is a Netscape setup option to bypass 
>this behavior or not. I can't check right now.

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