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Re: mocha:

I think it's not as useful as it could be because it's just one line.  So, I
copped the basic code and I came up with a multi-line version.  You have to
load this version in -- you don't just get it with "javascript:" -- but I
find it generally more useful as most of my stuff takes up multiple lines.
You can use a dummy file or about:blank for the output

(frameset document)
<frameset rows="50%%,50%%">
<frame name=MochaOutput src=about:blank>
<frame name=MochaInput src="jsinput.html">

(input document -- jsinput.html)
<b> JavaScript input</b>
<form action=JavaScript: target=MochaOutput>
<textarea name="isindex" rows=5 cols=50>
<input type="submit">

-- Gordon

At 07:41 AM 3/12/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Gordon wrote
>>>It's a shortcut to single-line entry. And not all that useful, really.
You can use mocha:, livescript:, or javascript:  Like about: it's just 
>another special off-line protocol Netscape understands.
>I almost totally ignored this feature afte this thread however it saved 
>me yesterday.  We needed to run a JS from a URL and without using the 
>dummy frame trick this is what did it for us i.e.
>It worked, we keep our image map, my boss was happy, life is good!! so 
>its really not al that useless because it does let you run a JS from a 
>URL which IMHO is a HUGE bene.
-- Gordon

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