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America Online and Netscape Announce Marketing and Technology Alliance

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>Subject: America Online and Netscape Announce Marketing and Technology
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>I told you all this would happen....and Thank God for this alliance - NO
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> America Online and Netscape Announce Marketing and Technology Alliance
>MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA./VIENNA, VA. (March 11) BUSINESS WIRE -March 11, 1996-- 
>Industry leaders America Online, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMER) and Netscape 
>Communications Corp. (NASDAQ:NSCP) today announced an alliance that will bring
>the most widely recognized Internet technology to America Online's expansive
>base of consumers while enhancing America Online's presence on the World Wide
>As part of the agreement announced today, America Online will license the
>Netscape NavigatorTM client software technology for use in all of its
>services.  Netscape Navigator will initially integrate with GNN, AOL's
>acclaimed Internet service.  In addition, members of the America Online
>service will be able to select the Netscape Navigator client software to
>access the World Wide Web through AOL. The agreement will also give America
>Online a prominent presence on the NetscapeTM Web Site. 
>"As more of our members discover the magic that the World Wide Web has to
>offer, we are committed to embracing the best and most popular technologies
>and tools available as we pursue that spirit of open Internet standards that
>characterize this industry,"  said Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of America
>Online.  "In addition, through the marketing arrangement represented by this
>alliance, we can leverage the world's most trafficked Web site to introduce
>millions of existing Internet users to the magic of America Online." 
>"This agreement enables Netscape to immediately extend its reach into the
>consumer market by providing AOL's 5 million customers with access to Netscape
>Navigator, the highly popular software for surfing the Internet,"  said Jim
>Barksdale, President and CEO of Netscape. "Netscape's technology, combined
>with AOL's consumer market service, will give this new customer base a
>uniquely satisfying experience of the excitement of the Internet." 
>Under the terms of the agreement, GNN members will soon be transitioned to
>Netscape Navigator, and will continue to receive a "Best of the Net" offering
>that combines the content and context of GNN, personal publishing,
>comprehensive Web directories and search tools, and customer support. 
>America Online will also have a significantly enhanced presence on the World
>Wide Web as AOL establishes a prominent position on the Netscape Web Site. 
>The two companies also plan to create programming opportunities where either
>company can sell advertising space as well as provide cross promotional
>opportunities between the two services. 
>"As technologies are more fully leveraged to make the World Wide Web easier
>and more enjoyable to use for consumers, we will continue to see greater and
>greater numbers of consumers embrace this emerging medium," Case said. 
>"That's why this announcement is as much about the future of our industry as
>they are about the vision of each of our companies." 
>Netscape Communications Corporation is a premier provider of open software for
>linking people and information over enterprise networks and the Internet.  The
>company offers a full line of clients, servers, development tools and
>commercial applications to create a complete platform for next-generation,
>live online applications. Traded on NASDAQ under the symbol "NSCP", Netscape
>Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View, California. 
>Additional information on Netscape Communications Corporation is available on
>the Internet at http://home.netscape.com, by sending email to
>info@netscape.com or by calling 415.528-2555 (corporate customers) or 
>415.528-3777 (individuals). 
>America Online, Inc. (NASDAQ symbol: AMER), based in Vienna, VA, is the 
>largest and fastest growing provider of online services in the world. AOL
>offers its more than 5 million subscribers a wide variety of services,
>including electronic mail, conferencing, software, computing support,
>interactive magazines and newspapers and online classes, as well as easy and
>affordable access to services of the Internet. 
>AOL has a global workforce consisting of more than 4,000 people. Founded in
>1985, AOL has established strategic alliances with dozens of companies,
>including Time Warner, ABC, Knight-Ridder, Tribune, Hachette, IBM and American
>Express.  Personal computer owners can obtain America Online software at major
>retailers and bookstores, or by calling 800-827-6364. -0- 
>Netscape Communications, the Netscape Communications Corporation logo, 
>Netscape and Netscape Navigator are trademarks of Netscape Communications
>Corporation.  All other product names are trademarks of their respective
>CONTACT: Netscape Communications Corp. 
>  Roseann Siino, 415-528-2619, roseann@netscape.com 
>                  or 
>  America Online 
>  Pam McGraw, 703-556-3746, pammcgraw@aol.com 
>REPEATS: New York 212-575-8822 or 800-221-2462; Boston 617-236-4266 or        
>800-225-2030; SF 415-986-4422 or 800-227-0845; LA 310-820-9473 BW URL: 

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