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Re: Fly in from right banner

On Sun, 10 Mar 1996, Gordon McComb wrote:

> John, FYI and FWIW Departments:  I came up with the following test script to
> see if setTimeout acted recursively.  Though this is not a definitive test,
> I think it points in a strong direction: setTimeout does NOT set up a
> recursive loop.  Here's the test script.  When I ran it, I consistently got
> 507 loops for the stack test before JavaScript pooped out a stack overflow
> error.  I got over 10,000 loops for the setTimeout test (I spun the mouse to
> get the interval to a little faster, and my arm, got too tired!), and didn't
> get an error at all.  I'd be interested in the results of others.  For
> tabulation purposes, I'm using Windows 95.

I got 14479 interations of the setTimeout before it just stopped (!?).
I did not try the other. But, isn't that an interesting number? Looks
so arbitrary...Then I tried to press each button once...crash.
I guess there's something fishy going on in the settimeout()


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