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My PA State Quiz

Okay, thanks to everyone that offered suggestions.  For the most part, my 
State Quiz works.  However, something is still screwy.  The first 8 questions 
work okay. If the user gets the answer right, the little discription document 
pops up in the "answers" frame.  However, for some reason, questions after #8 
load the wrong document in the "answers" frame, even though (I think) I'm 
loading the right one (ie, look at the code, it looks right to me).  I'm 
confused at this point...
Other than that, all that needs done is some cleaning up, putting references 
to some little images in some of the discriptions, putting in HEIGHT and 
WIDTH tags (did that cause the problems above???), etc.

You can look at it at http://www.paonline.com/mdarrin/javas/mainquiz.htm  if 
you want to try to figure out what's screwy.

Thanks again!
Mike D.	
Michael S. Darrin
Legislative Data Processing Center
Pennsylvania General Assembly

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