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document.location problem

My apologies to those who may have seen this already:

I was hoping someone could help me with a fairly simple script I'm
having trouble with. I have 2 frames-one is the content frame and in
the other frame I have a navigation bar. I wrote a script that takes
the last link in the content frames, and assigns the document that
location. The last link in every page that will be in the content
frame is a link to the next page in a series. The script looks like

function getNext() {
        var i=parent.frames[1].document.links.length

The script works perfectly the first time I invoke it, but if I invoke
it a second time, Netscape immediately crashes. This is a reproducible
result. I'm using a Macintosh IIsi. Does anyone have any insight into
this problem? Is there a problem with my script (I am a newcomer to
all this), or is it some other problem? Is there another way to write
this script that would avoid this problem?

Thank you very much
David Weingart
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