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Re: Password values

> > I have been havig trouble accessing the value field of a password object.
> > The page prompts the user to create a password, and asks him to enter it
> > twice. It then compares them to make sure that he entered the password the
> > same way in both fields. The code is below:
> > 
> > function check() {
> >         if ( document.register.pass.value !=
> > document.register.password.pass2.value ) {
> >                 alert("Your passwords don't match");
> >                 document.register.pass.value = "";
> >                 document.register.pass2.value = "";
> >         }
> > }
> >
> I have had the same problem. In fact I finally gave up. I have not tried this
> but perhapes it only allows access to this field on secure connections. 
> Which a local connection is not. Anybody got a clue?
> John

This is a wellknown "feature" of JS2.0 (due to security considerations
I don't understand:).

The password field will be empty OR will contain a specified default
value. According to a message Brendan Eich has posted to comp.lang.js
some weeks ago this "feature" might be removed in a later version
of JS (but that's not sure).


Friedhelm ries@prz.tu-berlin.de http://colos-www.prz.tu-berlin.de/~ries/
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