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Re: Problem with document location

Hi David,

I have had a very similar problem some days ago and after a while
I discovered that I had (despite all awareness of this JS bug) 
overlooked to endow *all* images with a width and height attribute. 

After the correction the problem disappeared.

David Weingart wrote:
> Hi.
> I was hoping someone could help me with a fairly simple script I'm 
> having trouble with.  I have 2 frames-one is the content frame and in 
> the other frame I have a navigation bar. I wrote a script that takes 
> the last link in the content frames, and assigns the document that 
> location.  The last link in every page that will be in the content 
> frame is a link to the next page in a series.
> The script looks like this:
> function getNext() {
> 	var i=parent.frames[1].document.links.length
> 	parent.frames[1].location=parent.frames[1].document.links[--i] 
> }
> The script works perfectly the first time I invoke it, but if I invoke 
> it a second time, Netscape immediately crashes.  This is a 
> reproducible result.  I'm using a Macintosh IIsi.
> Does anyone have any insight into this problem?  Is there a problem 
> with my script (I am a newcomer to all this), or is it some other 
> problem?  Is there another way to write this script that would avoid 
> this problem?

Friedhelm ries@prz.tu-berlin.de http://colos-www.prz.tu-berlin.de/~ries/
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