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Re: How to get it to print

> I am writing a JavaScript page to take input of several values, do a
> calculation, and spit out an answer. The problem is I'd like to user to
> print out the entire page with the numbers in my form boxes but when you
> print (I'm on a Mac), it just prints blank boxes...any suggestions on how
> to get the numbers to print out?
> Grady

One way is to use a screen resident capture program and then send its 
results to the printer but this requires you users to have this 
application available. Messy.

Almost as messy  (but it works) is to have your page collect and process 
the data and then send the results as formatted text to a frame. The 
user would have to then select the frame, select Netscape's "Edit" 
menu item,  "Select all", and then "Copy" from the same menu. Last 
but most important they must then paste this to a file. Like I said, 
messy. I said frame verses window since Netscape's child window
contents will select but won't seem to copy.

For an example of this type of frame use go to:  http://www.community.net/~jray/
and select "Cookies and Banners". Go to the "Shopping Bag Demo"
and create and invoice. Note: The results in this frame are not 
optimized for printing. They contain table formatting to make the 
invoice pretty on the screen. For printing, the output to the frame 
should use the <PRE></PRE> construct.

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