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setTimeout() bug

Hey all,

I'm familiar with the setTimeout() method (used it to write some scrollbars
and other annoying stuff), but have run into an instance where I can't get
it to work.

Th following line evaluates IMMEDIATELY, regardless of what how long I tell
it to wait:

loopID = setTimeout(loopBackground(),1000)

Take a look at my code below or try this URL for an example:

What happens is that the loopBackground function is immediately called and
the bgColor set, then after the 1 second pause I get and error message
'<undefined>'.  I'm a little dizzy with exhaustion right now, so I may have
missed something basic.  Please HELP.

<SCRIPT LANGAUGE="Javascript">
<!-- Start hiding
var COLOR = 999999

function loopBackground() {
  if (COLOR > 0) {
   document.bgColor = '#' + COLOR
   COLOR -= 111111
   loopID = setTimeout(loopBackground(),1000)
  } else {
    document.bgColor = '#000000'
    // clearTimeout(loopID)
// --> </SCRIPT></HEAD>

<FORM NAME="background">
 <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Start bgColor WARP"
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