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Re: setTimeout() bug

>loopID = setTimeout(loopBackground(),1000)

here's the problem, your line should read

loopID = setTimeout("loopBackground()", 1000)

the first argument should be a string indicating the function to be
executed, rather than a nested function call.  the reason it says undefined
is because the return value of loopBackground is interpreted as the function
you want to be executed at time out.

the whole function should be changed to:

>function loopBackground() {
>  if (COLOR > 0) {
>   document.bgColor = '#' + COLOR
>   alert(COLOR)
>   COLOR -= 111111
>   loopID = setTimeout("loopBackground()",1000)
>  } else {
>    document.bgColor = '#000000'
>    // clearTimeout(loopID)
>  }

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