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Re: Text file i/o....

On Feb 19,  1:50pm, Luke Cassady-Dorion wrote:

> Does anyone know if it is possible to write a JS function which reads from
> a server side text file? Or would this go against the security restraints
> which JS inforces so tightly?

You want to use '<form enctype="multipart/form-data" . . .>'.  Inside the form,
use the tag: "<input type=file SIZE=30 NAME= . . .>".  On compatible browsers,
this will pop up a text input area with a button labeled "browse . . ." next to
it.  When the user clicks on the button, they get a file selection dialog box.
 Security is not compromised since the user needs to select the file to

This is not a JavaScript feature, but instead a MIME type that is supported by
Netscape 2.0.  You'll need special CGI handlers for the data that comes

Check out for examples and a Perl
library to deal with multipart form data.


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