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Re: How to save an e-mail address

> >Hello All,
> >
> >    Has anyone found a way to save a user's Email address upon entering your
> >web site
> >    thru Javascript?  (or for that matter any non-cgibin method?)
> >
> >Thanks,
> >jeff
> This is possible to do with cookies, look at
> http://www.hidaho.com/cookies/cookie.txt for some PD functions.> 
>                         Luke

Really? How?
In order to place an item in a cookie "value" field you must know 
what it is before hand, in which case there is no reason to use a 
cookie. Even if there was a  magical way to  make an E-mail address 
appear in the cookie it's still on the client machine. The only way I 
know of to identify the E-mail address of a user is to have it sent 
to you via the "mailto:"; construct, or to have access to the httpd 
variables on your server.

For another example of cookie functions/routines and various cookie 
examples try: http://www.community.net/~jray/
and then select "Cookies and Banners"

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