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Re: Javascript documentation. Where?

> >      Where oh where do I go to find documentation that I can download 
> >      concerning JavaScript?
> > 
>    go to
> http://home.netscape.com/eng/mozilla/Gold/handbook/javascript/index.html
>    at the very bottom of the first frame it says download zipped docs
> (htmls).  These are the same as what you see on the screen but faster to
> use.  If you want a windows .hlp look at
> http://www.jchelp.com/javahelp/javahelp.htm
>    Andrew

Be advised that the documentation version you see on the screen is 
not always the one that is in the zipped file. Why they can't update 
the docs, create the zipped file and place it on the server, and THEN 
place the new docs for all to see is beyond me.

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