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Re: document.lastModified core dumps Netscape...

>I am using Netscape 2.0 for SunOS, when I try to open a homepage with
>both <IMG SRC="..."> tag and <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
>document.write( document.lastModified )
>// -></SCRIPT> tags
>Netscape core dumps, when I take out the <IMG> tag or if the gif cannot
>be found then it's okay...
>Anyone have this problem before?

I had a problem with an early version of Mac Netscape 2.0 that would crash
instantly when dealing with the last modified date...I have not tried it
since then... Some bugs never die?


      Eric A. Perlman - eric@yikes.com
http://www.yikes.com/ - http://www2.yikes.com/

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