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Frames/window.open problem


I've been having a problem with opening a new window with javascript from
within a frame. I have the following HTML/JS:

	function resume() {
");	}
<A HREF="#" onClick="resume()">Resum&eacute;</a>

Now, if I load this particular page by itself (No Frames), this method works
fine. If the page is loaded thru a frame (IE: as part of a frameset), it
just won't work - It will bring me to the top of the page again (Because of
the #). Interesting thing: If I load it individually first (W/O Frames), and
THEN try it from within frames, it works.

Anyone have an Idea what's wrong, or is this a JS Bug?

Alex Kremer
"Well, tough noogies. User Interface isn't always my strong point."

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