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Re: Indexing/Searching Web Pages

At 7:51 PM 2/28/96, David Crowder wrote:

>Thanks, but I looked at Verity, and their price tag ($10,000-$15,000) is a
>bit out of my range.  Oddly, they have a version that costs nothing, but
>only works on a Microsoft server.

We *just* announced that... and we also said that pretty soon, there will
be no excuse for not using Verity search on your Web server, no matter what
server you're using.

If you'll be at the Netscape DevCon next week, we'll have Birds of a
Feather sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch, and I'm doing a session
on JavaScript and Verity's Internet search tools on Tuesday from 4-5 or so.

If you're not at the DevCon, you might keep an eye out for announcements on


Nick Arnett
Internet Marketing Manager
Verity Inc.
(send personal replies to narnett@verity.com)

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