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Re: Indexing/Searching Web Pages

Web Publishers Virtual Library wrote:

> We *just* announced that... and we also said that pretty soon, there will
> be no excuse for not using Verity search on your Web server, no matter what
> server you're using.
> If you'll be at the Netscape DevCon next week, we'll have Birds of a
> Feather sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch, and I'm doing a session
> on JavaScript and Verity's Internet search tools on Tuesday from 4-5 or so.
> If you're not at the DevCon, you might keep an eye out for announcements on
> Tuesday.

I remember you guys at WebInnovation.  You had the rudest salesperson at the 
show.  The asian girl.  I attempted to speak to her about Verity and when I 
asked how much it would cost my clients she told me if I had to ask then I 
didn't need to be in the booth.  You won't get much business that way.

Don't want to start a flame here, but since you mentioned you were at Big N's 
devcon I hope you get rid of her.  She looks great though.

Lance D. Braud
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