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Re: Can anyone Help a Newbie...

Mike Darrin wrote:
> Pat McCarty wrote:
> >
> > >-- [ From: Blake Natker * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
> > >
> > >Hi,
> > >       I'm a Computer Information System student at American University and I'm
> > >in the process of teaching myself Javascript. Can any one give me a few
> > >pointers- It would be a greatly appreciated!!!
> > >--
> > >This Email Sent To You By: Blake Natker
> > >

Actually the Nestscape guide is, in my opion, a piece of @$#@#$. You 
will of course need it since it is THE formal manual, but there are 
better resources for learning JS. A few tutorials include:

Begginers guide to JavaScript at: www.javaworld.com
JavaScript - Intro. to Javascrip at: 		

 Some ggod examples of he basics of JS can be found at: 

After this you will want to jump in and see JS in action. A few good 
places are:

Gamelan at:www.gamelan.com
The Java Boutique at:

Good luck
chris mose
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