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document.clear() ???

Hi everybody,

I have looked through all my JS- ressources but I couldn't find anything about
the document.clear() function. (expect the Netscape stuff, of course). The
problem I have is that it won't clear a frame (accessed from another frame). It
just ignores my function call. Is this a known problem? If so, is there a work

Thanks for any help,

Here's my function:

function display(pos) {
       parent.ga1.document.write(pos[6]+" "+pos[7]+" "+pos[8]+"<br>");
       parent.ga1.document.write(pos[10]+" "+pos[11]+" "+pos[12]+"<br>");
       parent.ga1.document.write(pos[14]+" "+pos[15]+" "+pos[16]+"<br>");

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