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Re: Can anyone Help a Newbie...

Pat McCarty wrote:
> >-- [ From: Blake Natker * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
> >
> >Hi,
> >       I'm a Computer Information System student at American University and I'm
> >in the process of teaching myself Javascript. Can any one give me a few
> >pointers- It would be a greatly appreciated!!!
> >--
> >This Email Sent To You By: Blake Natker
> >
> >Email me back at any of these addresses:
> >bn7591a@american.edu (
> >det130@chuck.acc-lab.american.edu (For Air Force Related Info)
> >blake.natker@american.edu
> >
> Blake, a good place to start is the Netscape JavaScript Authoring Guide...
> http://home.netscape.com/eng/mozilla/2.0/handbook/javascript/index.html
> Another good idea is to join the JavaScript mailing list, but I see you have
> done this already. As of now there are no JavaScript books. Here's my advice:
> First, tread through the NS JS site.
> Then use webcrawler or yahoo to find some sites which use JS
> (like mine: http://www.ids.net/~pmccarty/), and try to step through the
> source of those pages.
> Once you feel comfy, start writing your own little scripts.
> Keep an eye on this mailing list - you may not understand everything
> everybody has to say, but you'll pick up on it...
>                         Pat McCarty

I must say that this is about a perfect response to that question.  Maybe a 
paragraph or two like this should be sent to people when they subscribe, I'd 
bet that many people when they are first subscribing are looking for such 
introductory material (yes, I am aware that it's not very difficult to find 
this info. for yourself, but...).  The FAQ might also be referenced.

Mike D.

Michael S. Darrin
Legislative Data Processing Center
Pennsylvania General Assembly

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