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Re: onmouseover in imagemaps

Oivind Kolloen wrote:
> >>>From: oyvindko@powertech.no (Oivind Kolloen)
> >>>Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 21:34:40 +0100
> >>>Subject: onmouseover in imagemaps
> >>>
> >I have the same problem... I use a client side image maps, and have no
> >problems calling java functions from them, but I can't seem to pull anything
> >up in the status bar...

With me, it is not working :-(

No problem calling a function as a reaction on the "onMouseOver event" 
if I use a "standard" 

<a href ="blabla" onMouseOver ="CallMeNow(); return true">
<img src = "myface.gif"> </a>

but if I add the usemap="SomeMap" (I don't remove the a href...) it doesn't work any more.

Seems that the link is ignored by Netscape because it is told to use a
client side image map, and MouseOver is an event of link....

Any Idea to make it work ?????
> I'm also using client side image maps, the point here is that some of the

How did you do that?
BTW: Maybe it is because I am using Win3.x and it works on other systems?

So long
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