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Re: re: onMouseover in imagemaps

>o problem calling a function as a reaction on the "onMouseOver event" 
>if I use a "standard" 

><a href ="blabla" onMouseOver ="CallMeNow(); return true">
><img src = "myface.gif"> </a>

>but if I add the usemap="SomeMap" (I don't remove the a href...) it doesn't
work >any more.

>Seems that the link is ignored by Netscape because it is told to use a
>client side image map, and MouseOver is an event of link....

>Any Idea to make it work ?????
>> I'm also using client side image maps, the point here is that some of the

>How did you do that?
>BTW: Maybe it is because I am using Win3.x and it works on other systems?

>So long

well, olaf,
	i'm using CSIM as a dartboard which uses "href=javascript:<name of
function to do>" as the link. maybe if you create a function which shows your
message in self.status and then sends them on their way... i'm not sure how to
put a link in a script,though. anyway, try working witht the href=javascript:


steve ivy://Artlab Europe/Altensteig/Germany

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