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re: onmouseover in imagemaps

>>>From: oyvindko@powertech.no (Oivind Kolloen)
>>>Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 21:34:40 +0100
>>>Subject: onmouseover in imagemaps
>>>I need to make a status bar of my own to show where a user has the cursor
>>>over an image map. I tried the straight forward aproach and that did'nt
>>>work. Then I tought of using the text from the status bar, mixing it some
>>>and use the result in my own form status bar. Unfortunately it seems that
>>>when I request the window.status all that is returned is nothing :-(.
>>>Anyone got any solutions to this problem.
>>Why not just use client side image maps??
>>                        Luke
>I have the same problem... I use a client side image maps, and have no
>problems calling java functions from them, but I can't seem to pull anything
>up in the status bar...

I'm also using client side image maps, the point here is that some of the
items in the image map that should go to the same URL should display
different topics in my own status bar. I have set up a status bar of my own
using a form and string input, but I can't seem to get any reaction what so
ever from the onmouseover. It seem's as nothing is ever happening.

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