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RE: onmouseover in imagemaps

At 11:56 PM 2/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>From: oyvindko@powertech.no (Oivind Kolloen)
>>Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 21:34:40 +0100
>>Subject: onmouseover in imagemaps
>>I need to make a status bar of my own to show where a user has the cursor
>>over an image map. I tried the straight forward aproach and that did'nt
>>work. Then I tought of using the text from the status bar, mixing it some
>>and use the result in my own form status bar. Unfortunately it seems that
>>when I request the window.status all that is returned is nothing :-(.
>>Anyone got any solutions to this problem.
>Why not just use client side image maps??
>                        Luke

I have the same problem... I use a client side image maps, and have no
problems calling java functions from them, but I can't seem to pull anything
up in the status bar...
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