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RE: Text vs. password input types

>From: joelw@cctech.com
>Date: Tue, 27 Feb 96 10:41:23 EST
>Subject: Text vs. password input types
>Hello all,
>Is anybody aware of JavaScript differences between input types
>"text" and "password"?  I'm trying to do some basic checking
>of forms data before calling the cgi script, and for text it
>works, but for password fields it doesn't.


You are having the same problem that I had a while, both of our problems
stem from the JS documentation at Netscape being incorrect. While password
fields are transmitted in ASCII format to the server, they remain in some
other format (anyone know) client side. This means it is impossible to use
JS to do something like compare two password enteries to see if they are
identical. This probably should be a FAQ (if so e me, and I will reword it
in a more readable fashion).


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