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onMouseOver in Frames?


I've been having problem with the onMouseOver in Frames. I've seen numerous
Pages where the onMouseOver event works on every Link.
With my Frames Page, I have something like this:
<A HREF="http://www.blah.org"; target="left" onMouseOver="window.status='Read
more about Blah.org';return true"><IMG SRC="blah.gif" BORDER=0></A>

Now, I have about 7 Links like this in one Frame, and everytime I go over
the first link that I wrote into the HTML it displays what it should in the
Status bar. So far so good. But now, the second link only displays the HREF
Value, along with the other 6. And if I go somewhere NOT a Link, it displays
the Text of the first Link...  Any help or tips on what I'm doing wrong?

Using NS2.0 for Win95

Alex Kremer
"Well, tough noogies. User Interface isn't always my strong point."

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