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Re: Closing mulitple windows

Pat McCarty wrote:

>I am creating online help which, when loaded, opens a
>new window without toolbars, menubar, etc., and then destroys the main
>NS window beneath it.

i have been experimenting with this and have stumbled upon some problems
that you may or may not have experienced. first, the history array is
destroyed the minute you window.close() the original window. how do your
users get back to the page that refereed them to it? second, destroying the
toolbars, directory buttons, and location also destroys the menubar on PCs
and UNIX boxes. how then do your clients reload, open a new url etc.
serious navigation problems are arising. i have of course given in to the
idea that i have to create a javascript-based navigation interface but i am
wondering if anyone else has other solutions for this problem.


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