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Re: Closing mulitple windows

>Is this thing on...  
>Has anyone tried opening a new windows and closing the window(s) 
>behind the new one.  How do I keep a window opened to stay on 
>top, for example a navigational window.  And I am unable to 
>position an opened window on the screen; not after it's opened 
>but opening a window to a predetermined area on the screen.
Brian, try something like this...

<BODY ... onLoad="window.Open();window.Open();....window.close();">

Instead of just the default window.Open(), make it open YOUR window.
If window.close() is the last command in the onLoad message handler, 
your new window(s) will stay open but the main (original) NS window will
close beneath it... I am creating online help which, when loaded, opens a 
new window without toolbars, menubar, etc., and then destroys the main 
NS window beneath it.

                        Pat McCarty

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