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change Text Color

Hi out there, maybe someone can help me..

I try to change the Color of both background an Text in a function. 
Background work, but the textcolor doesent change at all...

I put in the code below:

function ChangeColors()
	alert("enter changecolor");	

	Obj = self.document.Colors.txtcolor;
	i = Obj.selectedIndex;
	var col = Obj.options[i].text;
	alert("Textcolor will be " + col);
	top.main.document.fgcolor = col;	
	alert("Ist der Text jetzt " + col + "?");

	Obj = self.document.Colors.bgcolor;
	i = Obj.selectedIndex;
	col = Obj.options[i].text;
	alert(" The Backgound will be " + col);
	top.main.document.bgColor = col;	

The alerts show the right value, but Text color doesnt change, what am I 
doing wrong?

Thanks for help
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