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Re: Closing mulitple windows

Hi once again,

Devon Lazarus wrote:
> Pat McCarty wrote:
> >I am creating online help which, when loaded, opens a
> >new window without toolbars, menubar, etc., and then destroys the main
> >NS window beneath it.
> i have been experimenting with this and have stumbled upon some problems
> that you may or may not have experienced. first, the history array is
> destroyed the minute you window.close() the original window. how do your
> users get back to the page that refereed them to it? second, destroying the

Thats quite easy!! You only have to save it before in a cookie....

> toolbars, directory buttons, and location also destroys the menubar on PCs
> and UNIX boxes. how then do your clients reload, open a new url etc.

Using the menu??? Or maybe (even better, supply an "out" button or link..

> serious navigation problems are arising. i have of course given in to the
> idea that i have to create a javascript-based navigation interface but i am
> wondering if anyone else has other solutions for this problem.

If there are any examples, I would like to have a lokk at it!

CU soon
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