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Re: Java w/Cookies

Mark J. Short wrote:
> Steve, you wrote:
> >>        Any easy way to set up a javascript to set and read a
> >>Netscape
> >>cookie automatically?
> >>I'd like to set up a script that will set a user's name and pw
> >>for my site
> >>into their cookie so the next time they come back, they won't
> >>get a login
> >>screen unless the cookie doesn't have the login info.[......deleted...]
> I got cookies to work, but haven't thought of a good app to use
> them for, userid password would have been good if the builtin
> stuff wasn't so easy (once I found out how to do it).
> --

When reading your discussion, an idea grew in my mind:

All over the world there are lots of servers, where you have to identyfy 
yourself with username and Password. Of course, Netscape (and other 
Browsers to) will remeber the last things you entered, but only during 
the current session. So far, so good.

Having that in mind, I think it would be a goog thing to have a page with 
lots of links to password protected pages, where all the username and 
Passwords are stored as cookies on client side, once they have been 
entered. You know what I mean?

As a nice effect, I think this would make users to come back to that 
page, not only adding the followed links to their Bookmarks :-)

I have no Problems in saving cookies, but is there a way to find out the 
server wants to have a password? And then, can I answer to it with 
JavaScript? There must be a built in mechanism for doing so, because 
Netscape does it for the last authentification.

Any Idea related to that?
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