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Re: elements array

Hi Mark,

Mark J. Short wrote:
> To do what you want I would suggest the EVAL
> statement. This should allow you to build the variable name
> on the fly, then interpret it to do your assignment.
> Here is a guess at how to code it
> for (var i = 1; i < 4; i++ {
>    eval("document.FormName.HiddenName"i".value = MyCookieData")
> }

When I use the "HiddenName", it always works, but if I use the elements 
array of the Form, the Problem is there again (sometimes - is it a bug or 

But maybe "eval" will help me to find out whats going on exactly - thanks 
for the tip!

The funny thing is:

I got:
document.FormName.elements[i].value = Something;

working in some cases, but sometimes I get Messages like:
"value is not a number" (I know that :-))
" is not a numeric literal"
"elements can not be index as an array"

But I think in a day or two, I'll have it working :-)


> Please forgive my syntax if it is wrong, I think the method
> is ok._____________________________________________________________________
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