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Re: Java w/Cookies

>All over the world there are lots of servers, where you have to identyfy 
>yourself with username and Password. Of course, Netscape (and other 
>Browsers to) will remeber the last things you entered, but only during 
>the current session. So far, so good.
>Having that in mind, I think it would be a goog thing to have a page with 
>lots of links to password protected pages, where all the username and 
>Passwords are stored as cookies on client side, once they have been 
>entered. You know what I mean?

  All this talk about cookies will never work as long as many people use the
same browser.  Like at this college, only a few people have personal
netscapes, so it would work fine here.  But most everyone uses the public
computers, so therefore whould be using others passwords.

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