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Re: Java w/Cookies

Steve, you wrote:                                                                  
>>        Any easy way to set up a javascript to set and read a 
>>cookie automatically?                                                     	                                                                        
>>I'd like to set up a script that will set a user's name and pw 
>>for my site
>>into their cookie so the next time they come back, they won't 
>>get a login 
>>screen unless the cookie doesn't have the login info.                     

Are you not wanting to use the builtin security mechanism for
some reason?

I have been doing a lot with this, had to write my own
Authentication mechanism, but was worth it.

If your server challenges a client for password, either by
you manipulating the header and sending back 401 return code
or by .htaccess (if you are lucky and server does this for you),
a complient browser (Chameleon 4.6 and up, Netscape 2.0, etc...)
will "remember" the userid and pw for whatever server address
it was that challenged them.  This will be valid until the
quit the browser, or your server decides to challenge them

This gets passed back to server in the open, the password
and userid are Base64 encoded.

If you already knew this stuff, sorry, if you need more help
I'm sure someone on this listserv will know about your platform.
If your platform is VM using Webshare then I can help.

I got cookies to work, but haven't thought of a good app to use
them for, userid password would have been good if the builtin
stuff wasn't so easy (once I found out how to do it).
Mark Short
Senior Consultant
Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.
Kansas City, MO
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