Bench Planers

The joy of single purpose tools. Yes - you can do this by hand, but it is time consuming and taxing on your muscles.

The bench plane will plane a parallel surface on the top side of a piece of wood. having one of these is a time saver. When milling up wood it will plow through the roughest pieces and finishes them off real smooth.

If you have hand planed a plank before you will appreciate one of these. They range between $200 and $500+ dollars.

Essential Tools.

The bench planer is one of the essential shop tools. The ability to mill your own wood will save a lot of money in the long run. This tool will pay for itself after a few large projects.

if you need multiple pieces of wood to be the same width you need one of these. Attempting to do this by hand is almost impossible. The other benefit of the planer is it ability to make the cuts finish quality.

IE - you do not have to sand the wood afterwards.