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I am currently in progress of remodeling my basement. I am working on turning it into a 50's style diner and theater. The pictures go through some of the teardown and rebuild. I will also add links to the sites of suppliers.

There should be more pictures as construction continues. Check different pages to see how I am progressing.
Here are links to the sources for matierials and things I have used in this project. Please feel free to contact me or the company for more information.

American Soda Fountain Here is the link to American Soda Fountain.


Vitro Seating This is where I got the booths and stools from.


Home Depot This link speaks for itself:


Quick Set Panels Corp This is where the glass block stuff happens:


Coke Links to Coke sites:


H. KUBENIK MECHANICAL, INC. These guys were great in getting all my stainless done the right way:


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