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Welcome to another redesign of this site. I have reworked this to make some of my posting information a bit easier. Take your time and look around. You can find things I am working on and things I am doing around the house.

I will also try and post links to things I find interesting or useful. So, please check back now and again to see what is new.

This is where I will post some news I think is interesting.

Nothing interesting today.

American Soda Fountain, Inc.
I stopped at a really cool place. It is called American Soda Fountain, Inc. They are located in Chicago. To the best of my knowledge they are the only place left that does full restorations and custom jobs on Soda Fountains. While I walked around in the warehouse I saw every part and piece for fountains. They also have all kinds of soda dispensing units.

They are really nice bunch of people. I would recommend them to anyone looking to do some soda work.

For pictures got to this PAGE.

3D Stuff
I have started working with a 3D software package. It is just something I am doing in my freetime. The package is called Maya. It has been an interesting learning curve so far. Check out the 3D Stuff page to see what I am working on.

Follow it here 3D Stuff.

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Thanks to The Obscure Organization I would like to thank the Obscure organization for allowing me to keep this site. You can find more information on the Obscure Organization by clicking HERE.

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