Raptor's section of Insanity


I have decided not to be the last person without a web page. I stopped being lazy, and made this. All to give information on my twisted life.   I guess that's why your here, that must interest you for some reason. To find out about me, go  Here

One of my favorite hobbies is Clubbing: Industrial Style

The clubs I would recommend are:

 Critical Mass :At The Edge on Tue. nights

 Roxy Resurrection : At Ozone on Wed. nights

 Tracks 2000 : Thursday nights

 CapitolBallroom : Saturday nights ooops... I guess thats just "The Ballroom" Now. I'll redo the link whe I find out the new website....

For my study on the migration of the "DC Goth"   Check out my  research section

In an attempt to make me seem more normal, I have made some links to some of my  friends

for thoes of you that are paranoid, here is my pgp key

All of my links work now!!! And comming soon: A links page.

Mail Me NOW!!!: Raptor@obscure.org