So you actually want to know about me?

Well, what ca I say.... Here is a physical description:

Height: 5'9

Weight: 133lbs

Eyes: Blue/slightly greenish

Hair: Blond (This means I don't have to think)

Status: Single, but looking. Are you cute? Write me

I hope to have a picture up soon.

What I do for Work:

Currently I am a Computer consultant, working with Windows 95 , and Windows NT

What I do for fun:

I go clubbing.(See the first page), and I love to Mountain bike.

I live in Reston, Va which is just outside DC.

I am allways looking to meet new people, and find new fun things to do. I tend to be bored a lot, and can allways use suggestions on things to do.

Send me your Ideas

If You know me, and want to get in touch with me now page me from Here

Well I'm going to try this: Click here to send me a page over e-mail If this is abused it will be taken down, however fell free to use it for real messages.

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