My Weird Friends

Here are some of my friends that exist to the computerised world:

Sean Doran Look for the punk with the orange mohawk. AKA "Bratty"

Rednikki One of the Best Djs, and coolest people. And she now has her own page.

Dave A Cool person not seen around much. Look for grrtigger on IRC

These people have E-Mail, but no pages yet:

Ben One of the weird kids I know.

Chris A Friend I went to High School with.

Jenn Chris's Wife, and a good friend.

Gelfling A good friend, soon to be roommate.

Paul One of my best friends, but far to normal....

Scot A long time friend, and coworker.

Esti Another cool person that is far to busy

The rest of you don't get listed untill you get computers. If you want to be listed E-Mail me with your address.

If I know you I'll put you here, Otherwise I'll have to meet you first.

Mail me at:

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