06/07/2002 -- 19:12
e-mail: azathoth@obscure.org

e-mail: azathoth@obscure.org

  (This paragraph was composed around 1995, and the criticism of digital cameras of that era was accurate.) Yet another picture of me when I'm unshaven. For some reason, every time that someone has taken a photograph of me with a digital camera, it just so happens to occur on a day when I've failed to shave. This has happened at least three times.  It is yet another reason I despise digital cameras.  I've been lucky, in that at least the image of me here hasn't had bits of yellow creep into them (although I think this one makes me look a little green, although not as green this picture makes me look) -- another common problem with digital cameras.  For the price of a "decent" digital camera -- and I use that expression in the loosest possible sense of the word -- you can get a good instant camera (not necessarily a Polaroid brand) and a REALLY good scanner -- one that has hardware-based de-screening.  You'll get better pictures, better electronic images, and you'll be able to use the scanner to do OCR and other useful things.  Actually, it occurs to me that I may well have been shaven when this image was taken, but the accursed digital camera decided to insert stubble into the image in a vindictive effort to punish me for my successful slander campaign against digital cameras.  I think it also enlarged my nose a bit, too, as if the stubble wasn't bad enough.  More likely, though, I was having a Bad Nose Day.  Some people have Bad Hair Days; I have Bad Nose Days.  I'm convinced that my nose is bigger on some days than it is on others.  I have yet to chart the phenomenon; I suspect my nose enlarges or contracts in some kind of cycle.  That cycle probably has e  in it somehow.  e  has an annoying habit of insinuating itself in places where it's not wanted.  Like in my nose.  Don't you loathe ornery numbers?

I've put up this horrid little web page as an exercise in self-aggrandizement.

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Here, I'm filling in for Andrew Eldritch, who was too ill to perform with the Sisters of Mercy, in Cappadocia, Turkey..

One of my personal symbols.
It bears some semblance to the Indic Vajra/Tibetan Dorje, and to the Moline Cross and Croix Ancrée.

¹ The way that "Sonett" is spelled is correct for the car's name.  I suppose that the Swedish word is just different than the English one.  Maybe in Sweden, they yodel sonetts from the tops of mountains.

A nice fellow Sonett aficionado informed me that "Sonett" is pronounced SO-net. It is a Swedish noun meaning "so cute". How is that a noun? Wacky Swedish grammar.