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List suggestion

Recently, there was an obnoxiously long message posted to this list. 
Several people have responded to it and have included the original in 
their response. The criticisms of this are well deserved, but are 
completely inappropriate material for this list. May I suggest that 
criticisms of this nature be directed to the original person or 
respondant who sent the offending matter and not to the list in its 
entirety. It's difficult enough keeping up with the threads as it is.

As such, I would like to suggest that perhaps the list should be 
moderated in some way. The growing number of messages has become nearly 
overwhelming. I know this would be a difficult task and would gladly 
assist when and if I can. The digest format is not entirely a bad idea if 
the messages could be threaded by topic and the flames and irrelevant 
minutia removed which is not topical to this list. Alas, please don't 
scream CENSORSHIP about this; I just feel this is getting out of control 
and am ready to unsubscribe but would prefer to be constructive.

If you have a misgiving about my post, I welcome you to respond 
personally to me and NOT to the list.

Best regards,
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