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Re: Opening new resized netscape window

At 12:11 PM 3/21/96 -0800, you wrote:
>OK so I have figured out how to get a new window to open automatically.
>The html document with the script in it is titled test1.html.  i am trying
>to get a new window to open with the test2.html document in it.  The window
>opens but the test2.html information is not in it ....jut sa big empty box.
>Any suggestions.  Also, what do i need in this script too make the prior
>window close nehind this one.
>any help would be greatly appreciated

Try the following for the test1.html.   The test2.html file should just be
like a normal html file.  Make sure the window.open is on ONE line or it
won't work.
Make sure the path to test2.html is a FULL path or Netscape might not find it!

function myfunc() {
<A HREF="" onClick="myfunc()">Test2.html</A>
|Justin King		   |

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