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Re: Mac Javascript Bombs type 11

On Mar 21, 10:27am, chris@netxperts.com wrote:
> Subject: Mac Javascript Bombs type 11
> Netscape 2.0x in my experience is quite unstable, even when operating
> Apple's new 7.5.3 and open transport 1.1. I constantly bomb with 2.0
with a
> type 11, especially when jumping back a page or when reloading
> javascript. I've heard rumors that both Netscape and Microsoft are
> problems developing for the Mac because of a shortage of experienced
> programmers. I have no idea if this is true, but I'm not too happy
> 2.01!

I can't even use it.  i bombs on me right away with a Type 11 error.
 The older version never did that to me, but then it expired. =/


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