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	I've got a little problem that bugs me alot: A user comes into
my first page. It advises you to use Netscape 2.0. If you already have it
it will jump to the next page (using <META refresh). Then that page does 
a history.back(-2)(since it's not ready yet). The problem is that the 
history.back(-2) jumps back to the preceeding page wich then goes to the 
next page wich then comes back, and on and on ...

diagram :

user url  -----> index (META) ----> homepage (history.back(-2)) |

as you can see: it loops between index and homepage continously.
What I want, is to send the user back to the place he originaly came 
from. In this case (user url)

Want to see it in action ? go to my home page at: 


then it automatically goes to my jump point. Next, click the Diffusion 
Graphique Logo and watch what happens. It's supposed to come all the way 
back to my jump point.

NOTE: I've also tried history.back(-3) and history.back(-4) with no 


Christian Lanctot
e-mail: kristian@generation.net
Web   : http://www.generation.net/~kristian/
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