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Erase Frame

Hello All

I am trying to fill the contents of a frame from scratch, but the second 
time my call is made, the data is appended to the current contents.  the 
data written is "<HTML><BODY...>...</BODY><HTML>.  there are images -- 
all with width and height -- and there are links ( the images ).  the 
call that writes the data is

function write_doc( the_doc , the_data ) {
	the_doc.open( "text/html" );
	the_doc.write( the_data );

the first time it is called, it writes over the html file that was 
originally in the frame, as planned.  the second time, i write very 
similar data ( a tic tac toe board ) and it shows up below the first 
one.  i am working on a mac, if this is a known bug for my platform, but 
i have written similar things, using the same write function, and it 
erased the frame before filling it again.  how do I erase the frame ???

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