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Re: Macintosch

On Mar 20, 12:49pm, Timothy Lewis wrote:
> Subject: Re: Macintosch
> >         I have just created a Help system with Javascript on my web site.
> > It works well when i browse it with my Netscape 2.0 for windows, but when i
> > tried it with Netscape 2.0 for the Mac, i just didn't work. I also tried
> > script that i'm working on (that works well on Windows) and it bombed the
> > with an error = 11
> >
> >         Does anyone know why my Javascripts work with windows and not with
> > the Mac?
> Please correct me if I am wrong here, but the last I heard was that there
> was not a Java interpreter for Mac yet, and thus... Netscape 2.0 for Mac
> wouldn't be able to handle this.  I don't know if this is still the case,
> nor can I even remember where I heard this information, so for now... it
> is nothing more than hear-say.

Timmy, you've been a bad boy.  One-half hour detention for you, young man.  And
while you're in the classroom, you will write on the chalkboard 1e10 times:


You then have permission to go and shoot the marketing dweebs at Netscape who
decided to confuse two separate systems in the minds of users and developers

As far as the Mac crash problem -

Are you using a PowerMac?  Have you upgraded to OpenDoc1.1 yet?  Old versions
of OpenDoc crash under weird circumstances . . .

Other than that, I dunno.


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